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Thrush Hill studio policy 

last updated Fall 2023

Private lesson tuition 
Tuition is paid by month or by semester. The semester rate is discounted from the monthly rate. Tuition is $30 per half hour lesson when paying by semester, and $32 per half hour lesson when paying by month. Your teacher will tell you how many lessons they'll teach each term.  

Tuition for 45 minute lessons is $45/lesson monthly and $42/lesson by semester

60 minute lessons $60/lesson monthly and $56/lesson by the semester. 

In addition to regular lesson tuition, a $25 fee is charged to each student once per school year to cover the cost of studio rent and utilities, recital space, copier paper & toner, and other supplies. 

Please make checks out to Thrush Hill Music. We also accept cash in person and credit cards by emailed invoice. 

One time lesson tuition 
Sometimes a student needs a one-time lesson. Tuition for such lessons is $35 per half hour. 

Tuition and payments 
Tuition is paid in advance either by semester or month. When paying for the entire semester all at once tuition is discounted as stated above. Monthly payments are due the first lesson of each month but no later than the 10th day of the month.  

This is a commercial studio and paying tuition reserves your scheduled time. Accordingly, no refunds are given for missed lessons and there are no make-up lessons. The only exception to this policy is in the case of extreme injury or illness that impedes the student's ability to play the instrument for an extended period of time (for example a broken arm). School trips, sports trips, family vacations, and sickness are not exceptions to the missed lesson policy. 

In the event your teacher needs to cancel a lesson, that lesson will be rescheduled or tuition will be refunded. 

Please be on time for your lesson. They are usually scheduled back to back so your courtesy to other students is appreciated. Late students will not be granted extra time at the end of their lessons. If you are running late a courtesy text to your teacher is appreciated. 

Termination or suspension of lessons 
Sometimes students need to terminate lessons or suspend them long-term. If a student terminates lessons for any reason, two weeks' notice or payment for the next two lessons at full rate is required. This fee can possible Students returning after suspending lessons are added to our teaching schedules as space is available. 

We use various method books and sheet music. We will help students shop for books and music as needed to ensure the proper materials are obtained. 

Practice is the key to being a successful musician. Practicing also helps develop self-discipline and persistence in the face of challenges. We encourage my private lesson students to practice five times a week for 15-30 minutes each day (as developmentally appropriate). We strongly encourage making practice time a part of your daily routine. We want lessons and practices to be an enjoyable experience for our students, and coming prepared is the best way to ensure that they are. 

At the end of the school year students will have the opportunity to perform in a combined studio recital. This is a low-key opportunity to show off your musical growth over the course of the year. Other performance opportunities may arise. Advance notice will be given for these and they are all optional. 

Check with your teacher for their policy regarding teaching during holidays and school breaks.